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How Does One Repair Cracked Asphalt?

Tips on Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt is a durable material that can be found on the likes of driveways, streets, allies, walkways, and even parking lots. It is made from concrete that has been mixed with sticky petroleum products, this is what gives it some flexibility so it can support a great deal of weight. However, what to do when your driveway or pathway starts to crack? To find out, read our blog on how to take care of minor cracks, however, if you are dealing with anything bigger, you will need a professional asphalt crack repair specialist like Black Diamond Asphalt.

Cracked asphalt occurs when the soil has eroded, any freezing nights that are followed on by warm days, or tree roots. Some of the more manageable cracks, which are approximately around 1/2 inch wide, are usually cosmetic in nature. However, over time, when neglected, these can grow into fissures, which will allow water to penetrate the seal and damage the structure. Should this happen, then total demolition and the repouring of asphalt will be your only solution.

To repair cracks, you must first wait until the weather is dry and warm, as the new asphalt will stick better. Most mixes will advise the application only when the temperature is above 60° F, and you will need at least 2 days to complete the patching process.

On day one, you will need to prepare the pavement with a good cleaning, remove any weeds, roots, sand, rocks, etc., with a trowel, screwdriver, wire-bristle brush, or a chisel. Dig as deeply as you can into the crack, when there are any broken pieces of asphalt, you will need to remove these too. The next day, you will need to prepare the patch. Most patching compounds are pre-mixed, when dealing with minor cracks, apply a coat of paste with a trowel. This should flow into the crack, then you will need to level the surface. This can dry in a matter of hours.

That is the conclusion of our asphalt crack repair tip, if you would like to know more about our services, and live in Dothan, AL, please feel free to call us at (334) 791-7100 today.

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