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Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Parking Lot

Commercial Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Tips

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a commercial parking lot repair versus maintenance on it? Plus the difference in the cost that is associated with it? We guarantee that at some point you did! And found that there is a huge difference between those two.

A repair is often done partially and restores something, such as fixing a pothole. Repairs on a commercial site are needed when something could result in a liability or potential damage done to your customer’s vehicles.

However, maintenance is regularly scheduled and prevents deterioration or any future damages from occurring, plus, extends the life of the property, which includes sealcoating, crack filling, etc. By waiting for the last possible moment to do repairs, you are doing both yourself and your clients a great disservice, which, sadly, will end up costing you more money in the long run.

There are, however, a few simple steps you can take that will protect your investment and extend the life of your commercial parking lot. Continue to read the post of Black Diamond Asphalt to learn more.

Manage the load placed on your lot

Heavy commercial vehicles will often cause a great deal of damage to asphalt lots. Loading docks and large heavy trash containers need to be placed in areas that do not require these heavy vehicles to cross or park on your lot, which was specifically designed to carry light vehicles.

Repair any drainage issues

Standing water will eventually destroy an asphalt parking lot, causing unnecessary expense when not addressed quickly. This is because the water will eventually seep deep into the asphalt and start to corrode the base, which in turn will create cracks, ripples, and potholes. Good drainage is vital when maintaining your lot.

If you have a business in Dothan, AL and need commercial parking lot repair, then call us today at (334) 791-7100, and let us help you to save money.

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